Our Vision
To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society.
Our Mission
To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.
Information based on Location.
Divisional Secretary's division of Akuressa covers an area of 148.8km2 and 38.4km2 out of that has reserved for Dediysgala forest reservation. The total extent utilized lands in Gramaniladhari divisions wise is 110.4km2. When it concerns the topography of the division, It takes the form of a platean consisted of ridges and hills. These plateanes gradually elevates westward and Northward of the division. Hills spreaded toward the west from the Nilwala river have an elevation from 600 feet to 800 feet from the sea level. The north portions of Digili stream are steep slopes and narrowed valleys. But the lower portion of this stream is a broad valley and this valley is utilized to cultivate crops. The both sides of the Nilwala river flowed from the east of the division are lowest in elevation and also the areas of poramba and paraduwa are often subjected to overflow. The Digihiriver flows down into the Nilwala river in the town of Akuressa which is a very busy commercial town in the Southern Province. Also, the ring of hills along the both sides of Digili river is dersely covered with low country vegetation. Small hydroelectric plants have been constructed using water streams flowed from these hills. Akuressa town is the commercial heart of the division. The road system connects all direction of the division and the main roads of Akuressa - Galle, Akuressa - Matara and Akuressa - Deniyaya are busy roads.
The name place of the divisional secretariat can be seen when somebody comes about 1/2km along the main road that leads to Matara and Galle from the bus station of Akuressa. The divisional secretariat  of Akuressa can be reached by arriving about another 1/2km along by path which is opposite to the above name plate. (It has established opposite to the office of ceylon electricity board.)
Role performed at DS
  From To  
Mr. A.G. Piyathissa    
Mr. Ariyarathna     
Mr. D.D. Wickramarachchi     
Mr. H.W.D. Sunil  1971    1990
Mr. R.A.B.P. Rupasingha     
Mr. D.D. Piyadasa     
Mr. A. Amarawardena     
Mr. J.A. Ranjith                                                               
Mr. S.D. Hewapathirana                       
Mr. E.V. Thilakarathna. 1990.06.01 1991.01.01
Mr. N.T. Wimaladasa. 1990.01.01 1992.08.17
Mr. C. Mudalige 1992.08.18 1993.07.11  
Mr. M.A. Piyasena 1993.07.17 1995.01.31  
Mr. G.D.H. Thilakarathna 1995.02.01 2000.05.12  
Mr. A.M. Wijesena. 2000.05.03 2001.03.11  
Mr. W.A. Ariyarathna. 2001.03.12 2004.05.20  
Mr. W. Werasingha. 2005.02.01 2005.05.05  
Mr. O.G. Guruge. 2005.05.06 2005.11.28  
Mr. G. Weerasingha. 2005.12.01 2006.04.05  
Mr. Jayasiri Ruwanpathirana. 2006.06.07   2009.04.21  
Mr. O.V.C. Thilakarathna 2009.04.23   

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